Light a Spark, 29Rooms, Chicago, IL Pow! Wow!, Worcester, MA


Best of Chicago – Winner of ‘Best Street Artist’ category
14th Annual Silver Room Block Party, Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
We Speak, RK Design Gallery, Chicago, IL.
Love Moment Exhibition, Elephant Room Gallery, Chicago, IL
SOFA Expo, Chicago, IL
The Boundless Bounty of Dreaming with Shani Crowe, SCOPE Miami, FL


Woodn’t Be the First Time, Gallery19, Chicago, IL
Once Upon a Wall: Infinite Life, 15th and West Gallery, Chicago, IL Sweet Water Foundation Exhibition, Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago, IL


Complex/Intel presents The Co-Lab Series, Chicago, IL
Vacancy: Urban Interruption and (Re)generation, Columbia College, Chicago, IL Chicago’s Very Own, Chicago Truborn Gallery, Chicago, IL
Us Vs. Everything, NYCH Art Gallery, Chicago, IL


Here We Go, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL

Art Gathering: The Collector, Patric McCoy Collection Visual Arts Gallery,

Governors State University, University Park, IL

Art That Touches the Soul, Gallery Guichard, Washington, DC


Out of Avalon, Lacunca Lofts, Chicago, IL

Inspiracja, Gala Gallery, Chicago, IL
Diaspora: The Art of Blackness, Lacuna Lofts, Chicago, IL


Plymetric, Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, IL
Painting Ain’t Easy, Three Peas Gallery, Chicago, IL


Good So Far, Three Peas Gallery, Chicago, IL Emerge, Gallery Guichard, Chicago, IL


Art & Society, Dragonfly Gallery, Chicago, IL
Good Looking Out, Steele Life Gallery, Chicago, IL
The Works of RK, The Native Soul Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art for Sale, Steele Life Gallery, Chicago, IL
December Showcase, South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago, IL